Morton Grove Condo Preview

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of transforming a 3 bedroom condo in Morton Grove, IL. The client wanted a contemporary look that felt warm and welcoming at the same time, making use of eco-friendly pieces that keep sustainability in mind. Here is a sneak peek of the living room and the pieces I chose to create a modern aesthetic with a sense of character and color.


Well-selected wall art can help tie a room together, and I chose two monochrome pieces for this space that each work in their own way. The multi-piece ‘Ink Movement’ image draws on the neutral base colors used in this living room while adding some visual interest to the wall. Its abstract motif evokes the movement and fluidity of a brushstroke painting, realized with a modern edge that reflects the look and feel of the room.

Tightly-grouped wall art works well to balance out large spaces, and the series of minimal, graphic prints make use of negative space to draw the eye towards them. The black solid wood frames of both pieces contrast their pale backgrounds, making the art stand out and demand attention on the wall.


I chose a low wooden cocktail table to provide a handy surface without taking up too much visual space. The spalted wood gives it a unique finish and lends the table its own unique character while its square shape is the perfect fit in front of the L-shaped sectional sofa. Wood elements are an easy way to inject a bit of warmth into a space, and an accent piece like this offers the perfect contrast to the cool colors in the rest of the room.

The smaller side table has a totally different look, but still pairs a modern aesthetic with the warmth of wood. This sleek piece has a light bronze accent that contrasts beautifully with its soft black color and lends it an extra elegant finish. Despite its wood construction, the clever cut-out base retains a sense of visual lightness and makes for a unique design detail.


With neutral upholstery and clean lines, the timeless sofa in this living room is a great base piece for the space . The sofa and lounge chair supplier is committed to eco-friendly manufacturing, with frames made from kiln-dried hardwood that are designed to last a lifetime. Likewise, the cushions are made from a modern combination of high-resiliency foam with recycled fiber and a blend of duck feather and down. This innovative approach replaces the significant amount of petroleum-based fibers that are used in standard foam cushions.

The sofa is paired with a modern lounge chair that has a sleek silhouette, with a chunky seat cushion and all-over upholstery ensuring that it’s as comfy as it is stylish. I chose a chair with a block base that echoes the shape of the geometric cocktail table, in a darker fabric that complements the other black and dark gray elements in the room.


A floor lamp and table lamp add some extra light into the room, pairing two different styles united with their matching brass accents and simplistic design. The table lamp has a real minimalist feel with an almost sculptural form. The glass diffuser instead of a shade lends the lamp a modern edge and creates a soft glow that imparts a certain ambience to the room.

The floor lamp, on the other hand, is a vintage find with the characteristic shapes of the mid-century era. Not only is it a beautiful piece, but the brass shades help to reflect light around the room, adding to that sense of warmth that is so pivotal to the living room setting

Soft Furnishings

I chose a few soft furnishings for this room that pick up on key design elements and add visual interest in their own right. As the sofa is neutral it acts as a great vehicle for pattern and color, and I always try to choose cushions of different textures to add a sense of depth. The blue cushion also helps pick out the colors in the rug while making the sofa feel cosy and inviting.

The rug itself adds its own texture to the room and adds another soft element that balances out the cool color scheme. I chose a rug on the larger side so it didn’t get swamped by the sectional, and have put it near pieces that are a more uniform color so that the overall look doesn’t feel too busy.

Curtains aren’t only practical, but really help to tie the room together as they take up prime real estate on the wall. The monochrome, wavy stripe pattern in these sustainably sourced curtains follows the flow of the material, creating depth and movement. When closed, these curtains will create a real visual impact, while the small-scale pattern will stop them being too overwhelming.


A console is a great way to add some extra storage into the living room, and the wooden piece I’ve chosen is brought right up to date with a geometric motif and inset metal panels. Having a console as opposed to a shelving unit helps to keep the space looking clean and uncluttered, as everything can be hidden away behind its decorative doors. It also acts as another surface that makes the perfect home for decorative items, perfect for using to express your own personal sense of style.

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