Morton Grove Bedroom Design

One of my latest projects is a bedroom transformation for a condo in Morton Grove, IL. The idea behind this interior was to create a neutral and contemporary look that still had a sense of texture and warmth. To achieve this, I’ve opted for a mix of plain and subtly patterned pieces along with natural materials with elegant design details. Here is a sneak peek of the items I’ve selected and how they work together to create a cohesive final look that was made for modern living.


The furniture I’ve selected here provides a good amount of storage, always something to keep in mind when designing a bedroom interior. The bed frame is simple and modern, pairing warm wood with the sleekness of black metal. Yet concealed behind its elegant silhouette are two handy drawers, perfect for storing clothes or additional bedding. It can be tricky to find a storage bed that’s not overly bulky, and this strikes an ideal balance between aesthetics and practicality.

The side table, which also has drawers, picks out the dark tones of the bed frame to create a matching look that’s not too overly styled. The wood lends it a warm look, while the brass drawer pulls give it an elegant finish and helps balance out the metallic wall light above it. Brass accents are a really easy way to elevate your interior, introducing a luxe element that’s not too in your face.

The high, wing-back chair is made to embrace the body of the sitter and adds to the cozy bedroom feel along with the plush, almost velvet-like upholstery. While its shape hints at a traditional influence, it is kept up to date with clean lines and the use of a simple, modern fabric. As the chair is high, having legs that raise it off the ground maintains a sense of lightness and prevents it from visually blocking off too much of the room.

The wooden dresser provides a contemporary take on traditional oak bedroom furniture, with a warm, natural grain that shows through and gives it an organic feel. Although the 6 drawers offer plenty of space, the overall look is kept sleek and modern by the simple wrought iron frame and legs. The top of the frame goes beyond the wood, creating an elegant shelf with space for extra storage or decor.

Accessories And Soft Furnishings

The large mirror helps to maximize space and light in the bedroom, while its black frame ties together other darker elements in the room. A mirror is a really easy way to make a room feel bigger by creating the illusion of space. The effect is even more apparent with tall mirrors like this one, as they draw the eye upward as well as reflect light. Leaning the mirror against the wall creates a more informal look and adds a bit of character and charm.

The small scale, monochrome patterns on the blanket and drapes help add texture to the room without detracting from the interior’s neutral palette. With the curtains, the long, thin stripes create an optical illusion that, when paired with a plan wall, will also help to make the space feel bigger. Meanwhile, the blanket’s knitted cotton composition adds another layer of warmth, and will look perfect either on the bed or artfully draped over the high-back lounge chair.

On the bed, there is a graphic blue throw pillow that serves as a link to the abstract wall art. With a pattern that mimics the strokes of a paintbrush, accented with bold white lines, it complements the colors in the print and is the ideal tone to contrast the other whites and grays in the room. It’s almost like a piece of art in itself!

Chevron is a versatile pattern that can bring life to neutral hues and laid back furnishings, and the grey and white tones of this rug add a finishing touch to the room. The subtle, patterned piece anchors all of the larger items of furniture together and makes for a focal point that’s not too distracting. The key to making larger-scale patterns like this work is to limit them to one accent item so they don’t take over the space.


Using a wall light as opposed to a lamp leaves more room on the bedside table - a great trick for working with smaller bedrooms. With a slim, arched brass arm that extends gracefully from the wall, this particular piece has an elegant and timeless appeal. The milk white glass emits a warm and ambient light that’s perfect for the bedroom and can be positioned facing up or down according to your preference. In sleeping areas, white glass is always preferable to clear when choosing a diffuser, as it produces a much softer glow that’s not too harsh on the eyes.


The visible brush strokes in these abstract art pieces convey a sense of movement, adding visual interest to the wall. Providing a contrast between the pared-back, clean shapes used throughout the room, the single abstract piece also introduces a subtle blue hue that works brilliantly with the more neutral grey and white tones of the interior. The pair of more neutral abstract pieces are actually prints of a paper collage, and the end result is two intentional images that have an inherent feeling of depth. Wall art is always a great way to tie together different tones in a room and helps create a visual balance, filling in large blank spaces and adding in a bit of personality and color.

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