MidCentury Modern Home Office West Michigan

This was my first job as an independent interior designer. Looking back I see things I could have changed but ah... such is the perfectionist.

I still love this layout and design. It's very clean, organized, and inviting. My client still uses this space to meet with clients. She is a life coach and invites her clients to her home office.

There are three things I love about this project which can easily be duplicated.

1. The use of color.

I have used bright colors and neutrals to tie the room together. It is both energizing and inspiring.

2. Layout.

This layout is very inviting. There are french doors leading into the room. To the left is the desk and to the right are two chairs for clients. There is a clear pathway to both which is important for flow. Also, the view from the desk is that of the driveway and the door which is useful and conducive to productivity.

3. Lighting.

This is so important. I believe in using natural light to your advantage if you have it. In this layout the desk faces out to the window which allows the user to have a view outside whenever needed. I have also added a light on the desk for additional ambient lighting in place of overhead lighting.

Here is the testimonial I received from Mita F. after I finished this project: "Lynnelle did an excellent job recreating my home office. She understood what I was looking for and matched it to a T! She stayed within my budget, yet found the perfect pieces to make my home office look professional, beautiful and inviting. It's a place I love to spend time in. She is a very creative individual who intuitively understand her clients' needs . I highly recommend Viva Verde Designs!"

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Have a great day!

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