Magnolia Street Craftsman

I recently had the pleasure of completing this Full Service Interior Design project in a Craftsman-style home. As the client was a family with a child, it was important that the rooms not only looked good but that they were functional and warm. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate the client’s own interior style to create a space that was uniquely theirs. Here is a closer look at my design process and how the final look came together.


For the furniture, I opted for timeless pieces that would meet the client’s needs for years down the line and also felt congruent with the property’s Craftsman style.

Before, the entryway felt a little underutilized and was used primarily for keeping toys and other items that didn’t have a home elsewhere. The family had an existing bench that offered a fantastic storage solution, so I felt it was important to keep that in place. I added coordinating cushions on top of the bench to transform it from a simple storage space into a seating area and better frame the large windows behind it. Adding in an upholstered lounge chair and matching footrest helped create the sense that the space was a room in its own right, giving it a defined purpose as an additional living area.

As the living room served as a key space for the family to spend time together, it was important that it had a cozy and welcoming aesthetic. I chose upholstered pieces with rounded edges to give a comfy feel, while clean lines keep things looking modern and fresh. For the end tables, I opted for a darker toned wood to complement the wood used throughout the home’s construction. Design details like wood carvings create another link to the Craftsman style.

Texture And Pattern

Pattern plays a huge part in the overall look and feel of this space, adding depth and warmth along with visual interest. To ensure they worked in harmony and create a balanced look, I opted for mostly smaller-scale patterns in complementary colors. These were then tied together with a few plainer pieces like the rich mid-blue cushions and gray 3-seater sofa in a beautifully textured fabric.

For this client, it was important that the patterns weren’t too trend-led, but instead had a more classical influence that retained a sense of personality. The result is a range of patterned pieces that can work together in different combinations and offer consistency throughout both the entryway and living room.


Blue and grey colors made up the primary color palette of this design, with their cooler tones serving as an elegant contrast to the dark wood throughout the space. By sticking to just a couple of colors, it allows the patterned elements room to breathe without feeling too overwhelming. Even the red rug in the entryway picks out the blue in the other elements, adding in one warmer tone that gives a welcoming feel to this family home. For the final flourish, I added some pieces of greenery throughout, bringing some balance and freshness to the space.

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