How to Style Your Coffee Table

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

A question I get all the time is "How do I style my coffee table?" It's easier than it looks. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Make sure that the items on your coffee table are to scale. If you have a small coffee table, make sure the items on the table don't overpower the space. Negative space is inviting and important for the eye.

2. Try a bowl or a tray. This is an easy addition to any coffee table. If you get a bowl, try adding moss balls, faux fruit, or faux greenery.

Trays are great because they eliminate the need for coasters. It is also a practical way to keep the table organized.

3. Books, books, books. I love books. Show off your hobbies with books. You love architecture? Buy a book about it! Like animals? Get a book with beautiful pictures of animals. Like history? Show your friend you are a history buff by displaying your civil war books on your coffee table.

4. Candles, incense, knick knacks. Everyone has a candle or incense that they have never used. Display them on your coffee table. It will inspire you to use your candle/incense and spice up your space. Also, according to the Swedes, candles are a great way to enhance the energy of your space.

5. Vases of course! Get a vase that makes you light up. Try to go to your local craft fair to find one you love or go on Etsy. Add some greenery fresh or faux, and you are done!

6. Your favorite beverage. Relax and enjoy!

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