Layouts for Your Dream Home Office

A lot of us work from home. I find that a lot of my clients have a home office where they can work from home if they need to or where they have to work from home because their work requires it. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a marketing professional, or a house wife who needs to take care of business, we all deserve a beautiful home office.

Here are some home office layouts for your home. Find one you love and implement it into your home.

The most important thing to consider in your layout is access to natural light. In some countries, it is mandated that employees have access to natural light in order to increase productivity and general happiness.

This layout is very inviting and utilizes an L-shaped desk. Some people need the extra storage. This layout allows for you to have a desk with pedestal as well as dual bookshelves. In the corner is a chair for guests OR for a change of scenery. It's IMPORTANT to have that space look as inviting as possible by having a clear shot from the door to that chair.

This layout is optimal if you have clients visiting you often. It allows for face to face time with clients. It's also great if MULTIPLE people are sharing your space. It allows for lots of storage space AND it's inviting.

This is one of my favorite layouts. This is warm and inviting. The window are behind the two chairs which brings light in but isn't overbearing depending on which direction they face. Having a wall of bookshelves is beautiful and works well for storage.

One of the most important things in all of these layouts is the flow. In every one of these layouts, there is a direct shot to every space in the room which makes the space both inviting and practical.


If you still need help designing your dream office or would like to learn more click here.

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