Five Paint Color Ideas for Your Home Office

Today, so many of us are stuck at home or work from home. Looking around, it may be time for a cosmetic upgrade... how about paint?

Let's start simple. Here are 5 colors for your home office! Keep in mind the color, my selections from Benjamin Moore, and YOUR space!

1. White

Brighten up your space with white. Think of it like a blank canvas. It's clean, inspiring, uncluttered, and pure. It's great for dark spaces that need some brightening up. Try Benjamin Moore's Simply White. It has a little warmth that every room needs.

2. Blue

Blue is naturally calming. It's great for any space but it can be very relaxing to come into an office that has a natural calming effect. Try Benjamin Moore's Cable Knit Sweater which is similar to the picture below.

3. Pink

Pink is a naturally energizing color. It may seem feminine but if you can get over it's girly stereotype, you can enjoy the feeling that a pink wall gives. Try Georgia Pink by Benjamin Moore.

4. Grey

Grey is still popular because it's clean, modern, and neutral. Although I like to play with color, grey can be just what you need. Try Benjamin Moore's Seattle Mist.

5. Green

Green is the color of health and wellness. What more could you ask for in your life? We could all use more health and wellness! If you are feeling bold, I would try Benjamin Moore's Juniper Green for a class bold choice.

Still need help choosing a color for your home office or another room? Check out my Paint Color Consultation.

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