A Designated Space: Creating a Home Office is an Investment in Potential

Working at home is great, but the distractions can become challenging to manage unless you have a home office. Having a home office legitimizes your operation and signals to others in your home that you are “at work.” It offers a space for you to focus your attention on the business and also establishes a boundary for your work.

A home office is also an investment that will pay off for years to come. To that end, business owners may choose to buy a new home to accommodate an office, remodel an existing space, or upgrade if their home office is already in place but needs some pizazz.

Opting to Buy

If you explore purchasing a new home due to needing more space, it is wise to research home prices in the location where you wish to move. As you search for a home large enough to accommodate an office, storage space, and adequate living area, consider additional factors that will impact you down the road. Your home should be your haven; think about the neighborhood and environment, quality of the air, land, sound pollution, and privacy.

Long-term factors that can impact you and your family include the quality of education within the school district (if you have children living at home) and the mil rate in the region, which will impact your property taxes. Your realtor will assist you in finding out pertinent information about prospective homes, including details about the history of the property and any risks the home may pose, such as radon or water issues. Buying a new home is exciting, but if you are already in a home that works for you, it may be worthwhile to consider a remodel to create an office.

Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling can mean adding on to your home or keeping your home’s existing footprint and simply converting an existing room into an office. If you are adding on, be sure to check with your city to determine whether you need a building permit so that you are in compliance with the codes in your area. Next, connect with Viva Verde Designs. Through sustainable design, they can upgrade your space to fit your exact needs.

When remodeling an existing room of your home, map out a plan for your office space. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in the aesthetic of the room. Try to reduce the amount of non-work-related distractions in your home office. If you have space limitations and need to use part of the office for storage, try to organize the extraneous items to reduce clutter. For people who already have a home office, a renovation may be in order to create a more useful space.

Upgrading an Existing Office

Maybe you have an office in your home, but it has become old, tired, or outdated for your current needs. Upgrading your office can be an inexpensive solution. Think about the problem areas of your current space; do you have adequate lighting, high-speed internet to keep up with the demands of your business and personal use? Some people find that the many hours of time spent at the desk causes exhaustion, and having the option for a standup desk can reduce discomfort and fatigue. In addition to finding ergonomic solutions, a complete makeover could be in order. This is where it pays to work with an interior designer. They can use their expertise to recreate your office into one that functions as a hub of productivity that fits your ideal aesthetic.

Wrap Up the Details

When moving your home-based business office, or if you’re preparing to launch your business, it’s important to keep the finer details in mind. For example, you’ll want to update any business licenses or permits. You may also need to update your business insurance, or even switch your proprietorship to an LLC model. Look to business formation sites like Legal Zoom or ZenBusiness to expedite the process.

Whether you remodel, buy a new home, or do a few upgrades to an existing home office, you are making an investment in yourself and your potential. Take a look at your options to determine what best fits your needs now and into the future.

Article by: Suzie Wilson

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