5 Way to Go Green on Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to transforming your home, the kitchen is a popular choice for renovations. Not only is it a room that’s used every single day, but a well-planned renovation can significantly increase the value of your property. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can create your dream kitchen and keep things eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are 5 ways to go green in your renovation.

Choose Reclaimed Or Recycled Materials

These days, there are more and more options out there for recycled materials you can use in your home, and architectural salvage stores and material exchanges can be an absolute treasure trove.

You may find wood you can use for your counter, or reclaimed tiles that you could use for the backsplash or the floor. It may take a bit more searching to find what you are looking for, but this approach is more eco-friendly, often more affordable and results in a truly unique look for your kitchen.

Opt For A Water Saving Faucet

Seeking out a special faucet is a simple change that can cut down on your water consumption by as much as 50%. There are models out there for every price point, from standard pull-downs to faucets with special sensors that only turn on when something is placed underneath.

If you are happy with the faucet you already have, simply adding a $2 aerator will help significantly reduce the flow of water. It’s not just good for the planet, it will help cut down your water bill too!

Find An Eco-Friendly Paint

A simple lick of paint can completely transform tired kitchen cabinets or breathe new life into your walls. Unfortunately, many of the paints on the market are full of chemicals that are bad for both us and the environment.

Choosing an eco-friendly paint is an easy switch that doesn’t require any compromise on quality. There are lots of brands to choose from, but Clare is one of my favorites. They have an incredible range of colors made using no toxic carbon-based solvents (all produced in an energy efficient factory).

Invest In Energy Efficient Appliances

With a fridge and freezer constantly running and the oven and dishwasher getting daily use, it takes a lot of energy to keep a kitchen going. That’s why choosing the most energy efficient appliances can go a long way in cutting down how much you consume.

Schemes like the government-backed Energy Star have made it incredibly easy to see at a glance which appliances perform the best. Over on their website they have great product finders where you can compare the efficiency, features and costs of all the major kitchen electronics.

Make The Switch To LED Lights

It may surprise you to learn that lighting isn’t far behind appliances when it comes to eating. Swapping halogen for LED lights is incredible for saving energy (up to an enormous 80%!) and can increase the lifespan of your bulbs by 25x.

Adding to their green credentials, LEDs contain no hazardous chemicals and don’t require specialist disposal like certain other kinds of lights. That means no contamination and fewer emissions when the time comes to throw them away.

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